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Frequently Asked Questions

Software description

Is this software Free?
Yes, the software Is Free of Charge.

Why does the software installation include additional offers, and offers to set my default search and homepage?
This software is free of charge, in order to keep development and support of new and better versions the software must generate income. One of the income sources is by offering the users to set default search and homepage and other offers.

Can I install the software without any additional offer or setting my search or homepage?
Yes. It is possible to install the software without any additional offer and without setting the the browser search or homepage:
During the installation choose “Custom” installation, and uncheck any additional offer checkbox.
It is recommended to keep the offers, they can be easily uninstalled at any time. the software application and the offered addons are installed as two separate installations in order to make it simple to remove any offer but keep using the software standalone application.

How do I uninstall the software?
The software can be removed in a simple was like any other software:
Go to the Windows Start menu and then to Control Panel > Add/Remove ("Programs & Features" in Vista & Windows 7) and click "Remove" next to the software name (e.g <Software> / Windows <software> Toolbar ).
During the installation bundle software are offered, each can easily be removed. Following the uninstall instructions of the accepted offer: Uninstall Conduit Toolbar, Uninstall Yontoo Addon , Uninstall Search Toolbar (powered by Bing) or Uninstall Babylon.

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